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yamuna stock php project
 Yamuna Stock management system project assumes control over the bookkeeping and accounting is to be needed to operate a Warehouse for a company specializing in retail sales of food and groceries. All day-to-day operations of the warehouse, as well as conducted to the weekly accounting of the products stored in the warehouse and disbursed to participating supermarkets, and  will be performed by to the software.

 Yamuna Stock management system Module

  1. Login form
  2. Supplier Form
  3. Customer Form
  4. Product From
  5. Order Form
  6. Order Detail Form
  7. Receiving Amount Form
  8. Remain Amount Form
  9. Cheque Form

Software requirements:
  • Apache Server, PHP 5.2, HTML, AJAX, Mozilla, IE8
  • My SQL 5.2
Hardware requirements:
  • 80 GB hard disk and above
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual Core
yamuna stock php project


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